Our Culture

We’re hungry. We’re perpetual students. We’re littered around the globe. Why waste time fitting into the status quo? None of us fit “normal,” and it’s worked for us. We’re passionate about changing the game for remote teams, because we’re prototypic proof of the “next normal” of work.
What makes us “Paradigm Smashers?”
Remote work has adjusted course to meet more business models. Freelancing websites, “gig” work and first-gen BPOs…who has time for that kind of recruiting? Even traditional headhunting misses the mark with its unceremonious hand-off of new hires.
  • We don’t just recruit—we onboard, train, and focus on long-term success
  • We only recruit the top 1% talent that brings big impact
  • We close the gaps in company processes for future-proof scaling
  • We amp up the livelihood of Multipliers and companies in tandem
What makes us “Perpetual Students?”
Our resource center gives us away. We love learning and teaching what we learn. Multipliers see it when we train them, and companies benefit as we keep a pulse on the best productivity, project management and business practices. We offer:
  • Dedicated resource center
  • Proven expertise in 4DX
  • Superstar-level knowledge of EOS
  • Ongoing performance and business consultation
What makes us “Hungry?”
MultiplyMii is an Escala Consulting Group company. That gives us the advantage of knowing how business operations leverage remote talent to fill operational gaps and multiply growth.
  • We’ve built over 150 high-producing teams
  • We don’t just serve—we advise and then implement
  • We don’t just serve—we advise and then implement
  • We bake scalable practices right into high-producing teams
What does the client do?

Model Citizn is an authority in building robust and efficient financial models for many corporate, government, and semi-government institutions.

What was the client’s most pressing issue?

The company realized that stepping back and strengthening its teams are critical to scaling during COVID-19. However, the client had a limited capacity to cultivate a winning culture. They needed someone to bridge the gap between C-level executives and employees, so MultiplyMii recommended hiring a remote Executive Assistant.

Who was hired, and what was their role?

Model Citizn hired Grace* in 2021 as an Executive Assistant. She now works for the client full-time.

*Name of the candidate is altered for privacy purposes.

How did the hired employee contribute to the client’s business?

The client thought that EAs were just in-charge of taking calls, answering email queries, and managing his schedule – these are all proven false by his hired remote employee.

Grace practices accountability and has superb ideas. She is a team player concerned with pushing the business to go further.

How do our services help the client?

Aside from onboarding a reliable support for the client, our services have embedded the following practices into their process, strengthening company culture more:

Daily, Weekly, & Monthly Check-ins

We help facilitate Performance Reviews and connect with our clients consistently. These check-ins allow managers and team members to discuss goals, performance, and deadlines. It’s also an excellent time for realigning priorities and ensuring the team is on track and functioning at its best.

Upskilling Opportunities Through Wolfpack Sessions

We offer upskilling programs for our client’s team. We invite industry thought-leaders to train them so that the learning curve never flattens. This initiative increases employee retention rate, helping our clients keep highly-coveted employees.

What does the client’s company look like now?

This engagement has enabled MultiplyMii and Model Citizn to grow together. With MultiplyMii’s continuous support, Rubin shares that they now feel like a “proper company” with a great structure, fast and efficient processes, and better employee training opportunities.

Company-Wide Meetings Made Fun & Interactive

Employees no longer feel compelled to participate because they’re required to. This time, they show up because 1) they have developed a genuine curiosity about the company and 2) because meetings are made fun and insightful.

14.9% Lower Turnover Rate

Our collaboration has created a system, guiding Rubin to get in touch with his employees and discuss performance. With this, his team is more empowered and inspired to do better, resulting in higher employee retention.

Open, Systematized, and Empathetic Culture

We shared communication systems and introduced best management practices to help managers create a safe space where everyone can easily collaborate. Rubin shares that MultiplyMii has given him the confidence to openly discuss the company’s achievements, finances, and even blockages.


Lance Rubin

Model Citizn

Financial Services

Company Main Office:

Melbourne, Australia

Started the MultiplyMii Journey:

February 24, 2021