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We Boost Talent Density on Your Team with Holistic HR & Recruitment Solutions

Are these your Challenges?

Hiring Costs
“Today’s talent scarcity makes hiring too rich for my blood…I can barely hire one person at a time.”
Operating Costs
“I know it costs to grow, but my margins are shrinking. I need real talent ready to jump in.”
One-Hit Wonders
“Hires either burn out or sit in the passenger seat, never helping build MY company culture.”
HR Tasks
“Manage sick leave, payroll, social security, healthcare…for staff in another county? How?”
So Much to Do
“Finding, hiring, and onboarding talent is full-time work in itself. There’s no way I can take that on.”
Count on MultiplyMii as your very own Filipino HR department that attracts and retains your coveted A+ teams of specialists to help with your business expansion.

Why the Philippines?

MultiplyMii is powered by Filipino talent who fit right into the fastest-growing dynamic teams. This professional market is hyper-developed and career-driven.
Cost of Living
The cost of living in the Philippines is about 1/5 what it is in the U.S., so you can afford top talent while paying excellent wages for Multipliers.
English Excellence
English is the official language of all tertiary education in the Philippines. No wonder the country boasts 95% of the population speaking English!
Growing Market
Every year, another 600,000 Filipinos graduate and join the growing professional market. There are 8 million Filipinos in the BPO market already.
Highly Skilled
The Filipino workforce is growing so fast that professionals are choosing niche specialties and “owning” new jobs in the market.
Long-Term Outlook
Staffing with MultiplyMii and tapping the Filipino talent pool gives your company future-proof power to scale.
Filipino professionals are loyal employees with a culture already built around the BPO model, and that culture is taken to the next level with MultiplyMii.
Cultural Fit
Filipinos are brought up with an appreciation for Western culture, including Western movies, music, and regular interactions with tourists.
Scale your business faster with work getting done ‘round the clock. Your Multipliers can work halfway around the world while you’re fast asleep.
Career Driven
Filipino talent consistently shows a huge career drive. These professionals seek to be influential and meaningful in their careers.

HR is a headache. When hiring talent across borders, each market has different legal requirements, adding to the pain. We handle pay and benefits for your Filipino talent.

Bona Fide Recruiting and Onboarding Experience

1-2 Hour/s

Discovery Call

It just takes one hour. You jump on a call with one of our specialists so we can understand where you are now.
What MultiplyMii Does
We drive the interview to dig deep into the day-to-day operation of your business and the needs you have to hire for.
01 Hour
What You Do
Sit back and answer our questions. Come with thoughtful insights and help us help you.
30 Minutes
1-2 Days

Job Description Creation

We create the job description and other organizational documents that combine your requests and our insights.
What MultiplyMii Does
Our Talent Acquisition Team writes the job description that accurately describes the role and appeals to the top Filipino talent.
01 Hour
What You Do
Read and approve the Job Description to ensure we are aligned.
01 Hour
5-10 Days

Candidate Search

We review our prevetted database of candidates, headhunt passive candidates, and search high and low for the best talent to fit your need.
What MultiplyMii Does
Our Talent Acquisition Team combs through our private network of the top Filipino talent.
40 Hours
What You Do
You just do what you need to and continue focusing on your core business. You’ll get regular updates from us!
00 Hours
1-2 Days

Candidate Interviews

We shortlist the top 3 candidates then set interviews for you to meet them and weigh in on final selection.
What MultiplyMii Does
We prepare a presentation with the most important information about each shortlisted candidate to lead you into a warm introduction.
10 Hours
What You Do
Your interview with each candidate lasts 30 minutes with 5 minutes of preparation and 10 minutes of analysis afterward.
02 Hours
30 Minutes
30 Days


Your personal Onboarding Manager plans the onboarding process with you, including prepping KPIs and expectations.
What MultiplyMii Does
Your Onboarding Manager works with our full team to prepare a full Onboarding Plan & Calendar.
24 Hours
What You Do
You act as the knowledge base for your Onboarding Manager while he or she does the rest.
01 Hours.
30 Minutes
We act as the gateway to put the right people in the right places for the best results. We’re only successful when you and your hire are successful.


MultiplyMii sticks by your side, continuously checking in to ensure everything runs smoothly.
  • Reporting & Performance Reviews
    We wrote the Job Description, so we’re the best equipped to build the rest of your operational paperwork, including KPIs and Scorecards.
  • Payroll
    International transfers to personal accounts are something your bookkeeper will have cold sweats over, so we handle that for you. Your monthly tax invoices are billed to an American company.
  • Upskilling Programs
    The best cultural fit for the Filipino BPO market is their career-driven mentality. Our Multipliers are encouraged to improve with our Learning & Development program.
  • Benefits Package
    We handle the un-sexy stuff, including the HR benefits package, the 13th month, government-mandated contributions, and healthcare. Other than being the right thing to do, these benefits ensure Multiplier retention.
  • No Worries Guarantee
    If you are dissatisfied within the first 6 months, we will work with you to replace your multiplier - free of charge.

Service Models

Check our Service Models built with value-driven flexibility and transparency in mind. Each is curated based on your priorities with the best cost-saving deal.

Direct Hire

Attract & acquire the best talent for your team. Effortlessly.

  • Your Own Dedicated Recruiter
  • Specialized Recruitment Pods
  • Curated Sourcing Channels
  • Concierge Service
  • Contract Assistance
  • 90-Day Replacement Guarantee
Talent Accelerator Program

Hire & retain the most coveted professionals in the industry.

  • Everything from Direct Hire
  • A Dedicated Onboarding Specialist
  • 90-day Onboarding Plan
  • Coaching for Results Development Plan for the Multiplier (CRDP)
  • Incentive Structure Design
  • Wolfpack Sessions (Upskilling)Daily, Weekly, & Monthly Check-ins
  • Comprehensive Benefits Package
  • Payroll Administration
  • Leave & Overtime Management
Account management

Eliminate the tedious employee-related paperwork from your backlog. We got it from here.

  • Comprehensive Benefits Package
  •  Payroll Administration
  • Leave & Overtime Management
  • Dedicated Account Manager

Let's See What We Can Do Together

If you feel getting a new hire will cost you a fortune, time, and another round of headache, leave the work to MultiplyMii.

Scaling with our innovative remote staffing solutions means your growth is no longer cost-prohibitive. MultiplyMii is your gateway to highly-skilled people trained to support your business in every aspect you plan to develop. 

Let's build more meaningful and satisfying connections between your company and the premium talent market in the Philippines. 


Testaments of the MultiplyMii Commitment

“We received more than what we expected!

Our Latest Hires

Check out the latest Multipliers in all their glory! These professionals were each recruited and onboarded to fill specific roles, sailing through the MultiplyMii gateway to more opportunity, greater success, and a future-facing way to work.
Mauriane G.
Mauriane G.
Human Resources
Maria Chevone B.
Maria Chevone B.
Amazon Manager
Kristelle Jeanine A.
Kristelle Jeanine A.
Marketing Analyst
Francis Carlo A.
Francis Carlo A.
Amazon Manager
Therese B.
Therese B.
Associate Management Consultant
Gemima G.
Gemima G.
Associate Management Consultant
Noel Ralph D.
Noel Ralph D.
Account Manager
Rosalie S.
Executive Virtual Assistant
Lensey E.
Marketing Copywriter
Nastassia Marie B.
Management Consultant
Aris S.
Account Manager
Princes Dianne L.
Account Manager


How do you find the best Filipino talent?
Our 10,000+ historically vetted candidates we’ve built relationships with over years are our starting point. We post jobs on job boards most people don’t have access to, also, but most of the candidates we find are currently employed.
What kinds of businesses do you serve?
We serve all kinds of companies because remote work is possible in every industry. We provide the biggest impact on rapidly growing companies but have no time to recruit.
What’s your timeline for hiring?
In general, a Multiplier could start working within 30 days. However, this varies. Since some of the candidates we find are employed, there is almost always a waiting period while a new Multiplier shifts into their role. If you have special time considerations, just let us know.
How does pricing work?
We can multiply company’s success with three different levels of HR solutions. Check out the options on our pricing page.
How long does the process take?
Hiring can take around 30 days, and then your devoted Account Manager and Onboarding Specialist will spend six weeks training, onboarding, and guiding your hire. How your Multiplier is trained is something we define with you.