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Are administrative bottlenecks reducing your ability to achieve world-class service delivery?

Streamline processes and scale effectively with skilled Filipino finance experts, cutting labor costs by up to 80% compared to traditional finance and accounting outsourcing companies.

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Successfully Placed Financial Services roles

Here’s our roster of professionals successfully hired for Financial Services companies worldwide.

The MultiplyMii Recruitment Experience

Identify Your Ideal Hire
Identify Your Ideal Hire

During the sourcing kick-off call, your dedicated recruitment team will understand your pain points and business goals and get a clear picture of your ideal A+ candidate: their expertise, experience, and qualifications. We will use this data to create an attractive and professional Job Description for your approval.

Sit Back While We Source
Sit Back While We Source

Our process empowers you to shift your focus to your business while we find the best candidates. We regularly update you as we source and conduct test tasks and initial interviews before providing the top three qualified candidates for your assessment, complete with details about their work history, specializations, and more.

Choose Your Next Employee
Choose Your Next Employee

Get to know the top three candidates we found through interviews. If you don’t like any of them, no problem – we’ll refine the search if needed and provide new candidates for you to choose from. Once you’re happy with the talent we’ve identified, that’s when we can start onboarding them!

Start your remote staffing journey and hire your next Finance superstar!

Here's What Your Dream Financial Services Firm Could Look Like

Financial Services
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Offshore Hire
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Discover the Financial Organization Chart, showcasing a dynamic network of individuals working together towards financial success.

We designed the perfect organizational framework for building a high-performance Financial Services Company.

Access our free org chart and start organizing your team for peak efficiency and scalability!

What our Clients Say

MM has been absolutely incredible supporting Olsam to execute on our exponential hiring ramp. Their process from start to finish is smooth with clear communication and timelines. Would highly recommend using MM for anyone looking for a hiring partner.
Sam Horbye
"We had no idea that you could hire ACTUAL talent in the Philippines, as all we’d ever done is hired ‘VAs’ that did baseline tasks. Now that I’ve hired a content writer, designer, and web developer, I realize I can build the bulk of my operational team and even parts of my executive suite. Truly game-changing for our business and its bottom line too."
Lance Rubin
“Not having to worry about handling payroll and the ability to provide all of the benefits (Social Security, HMO, PhilHeath etc.) has enabled us to employ a higher caliber of talent. Period.”
Auggie Quancard
"We had no idea that you could hire ACTUAL talent in the Philippines, as all we’d ever done is hired ‘VAs’ that did baseline tasks. Now that I’ve hired a content writer, designer, and web developer, I realize I can build the bulk of my operational team and even parts of my executive suite. Truly game-changing for our business and its bottom line too."
Tali Amar
“The MultiplyMii team supporting our growth and scaling at Forum Brands has been amazing. They continue to help us build processes to add structure to internal enabling functions while showing up motivated, determined, and excited for new challenges every day. Here at Forum, we're customer-obsessed, and that north star consistently disseminates from our CX Operations Associates to our end consumers who buy and utilize our products every day."
Ruben Amar
“It was by the far the fastest way we could have ever imagined growing a team in the Philippines. The time saved not having to vet through so many candidates across 7+ roles enabled our team to focus on the onboarding process, while MultiplyMii handled the sourcing."
Ian Kaneshiro
"We started with just 1 multiplier, and now we have 7 and growing! The process has been easy and the MultiplyMii team have been supportive along the way, and have also taken the stress out of HR component of hiring and managing. We now have an amazing team in the Philippines that feel like part of our company and are helping us grow in ways we didn’t think possible."
Veronica Vasserman
MM has been absolutely incredible supporting Olsam to execute on our exponential hiring ramp. Their process from start to finish is smooth with clear communication and timelines. Would highly recommend using MM for anyone looking for a hiring partner.
Sam Horbye
“I needed plug-and-play talent that can join me and with some small adjustment, can help me get a grip of the business. I had to delegate customer service and catalog management to focus on growth and expansion. Working with MultiplyMii for three years, their sourcing team quickly provides qualified candidates. The hiring system is fast and simple.”
Adam Levy
“We didn't know we needed a creative director, not just a graphic designer. MultiplyMii recommended one, and that was exactly what we needed. Our graphic design team grew much faster and better... The supply chain side, we just couldn't get stuff in stock at the right time... We hired through MultiplyMii, and within a week or so, we got someone that actually helped.”
Rhiz Manalo

FAQs on Hiring Accounting & Finance Team Members

1. How do I ensure remote accounting & finance staff are as productive as in-office employees?

To ensure the productivity of your remote accounting & finance team members, you must set clear expectations upon hiring and onboarding. Discuss their responsibilities, key performance indicators, and desired results. Use productivity tracking tools and maintain regular communication.
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2. What are the best practices for communicating effectively with remote teams?

Communication is one of the common challenges of managing remote teams, but this is a challenge that's easily solved, so you don't have to worry. We advise prioritizing clear and regular communication via video meetings, chat apps, and project management tools. Establish consistent meeting schedules and encourage open dialogue. Here's an article on facilitating short, productive meetings with your remote teams.
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3. How can I assess the skills and reliability of a remote candidate during the hiring process?

Use structured interviews, skill assessments, and reference checks. Evaluate their past remote work experience and ask for examples of self-motivation and reliability.

At MultiplyMii, we follow the 4Rs structure when sourcing remote professionals. This means creating an attractive, detailed, and industry-approved job description discussing the Role, Responsibilities, Results, and Requirements.

Then, we proceed to vetting valuable candidates. Unlike other recruitment agencies, we implement the value-based hiring approach by sourcing Remote Specialists instead of Virtual Assistants. You can learn more about their stark differences by reading our guide on hiring high-value remote talent.
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4. How do I handle time zone differences when managing a remote accounting & finance team?

Use time zone management tools, establish core working hours for overlapping availability, and ensure everyone understands and respects different time zones.
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5. What tools and technologies are essential for managing remote accounting & finance staff efficiently?

Work like you're in a one-office setting by establishing essential tools and technologies for video conferencing (e.g., Zoom, Google Meet), project management (e.g., ClickUp, Trello), communication (e.g., Slack, Teams), and cloud-based eCommerce platforms (e.g., Shopify, NetSuite).

You may read through this article as we discuss some of the most effective remote team management tools.
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6. How do I onboard and train remote employees effectively?

To effectively onboard and train remote employees and successfully integrate them into your existing team, we recommend creating comprehensive onboarding materials, conducting virtual training sessions with established feedback loops, and pairing new hires with experienced team members.
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7. How can I retain remote talent in a competitive employment landscape?

Offer competitive compensation, opportunities for growth, flexible work arrangements, and recognition. You may also consider these tips:

  • Foster a positive remote work culture
  • Promote work-life balance and flexibility
  • Encourage collaboration and team bonding virtually
  • Support mental health and well-being initiatives
  • Create a clear career path within the company
  • Involve your remote team members by seeking feedback to improve remote work policies continuously

MultiplyMii has placed over 1,000 candidates for companies worldwide in different verticals. You may talk with our Specialists and learn how we help businesses maintain a positive relationship with their team members.
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8. How do I measure the performance and productivity of remote accounting & finance staff?

KPIs vary depending on the role of your hired remote eCommerce team member. Below are the usual metrics you should look into to gauge their performance and overall productivity:

Conversion Rate: Track the percentage of website visitors who purchase.
Sales Revenue: Measure the total income generated through eCommerce sales.
Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC): Calculate the cost to acquire a new customer.
Customer Lifetime Value (CLV): Evaluate the long-term value of a customer to your business.
Website Traffic: Monitor the number of visitors to your eCommerce site.
Average Order Value (AOV): Determine the average value of each order.
Cart Abandonment Rate: Assess the rate customers abandon their shopping carts.
Return on Investment (ROI): Analyze the profitability of marketing campaigns.
Inventory Turnover Rate: Measure how quickly inventory is sold and replenished.
Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT): Gauge customer satisfaction with your eCommerce service.

These indicators provide insights into the effectiveness and efficiency of remote eCommerce staff in driving business success. To know more about your remote team member's specific accountabilities and responsibilities, browse our Job Description Repository.

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9. What are the best strategies for scaling an accounting & finance team remotely?

Here are some of the best strategies for scaling a remote accounting & finance team effectively:

Maintain a Talent Pipeline: Continuously source and nurture a pool of potential remote hires to fill roles as your eCommerce business grows. Hiring with MultiplyMii lets you access over 250,000 pre-vetted Filipino talent.
Leverage Remote Staffing Solutions: A one-time investment fee with MultiplyMii will kickstart a seamless and cost-effective recruitment process, enabling you to find, hire, and onboard specialized talent quickly and flexibly.
Consider Direct Hiring: Remote staffing allows direct engagement with talent, fostering more robust team integration and company culture than outsourcing companies.
Hybrid Approach: Consider a hybrid model with a core team of local hires supplemented by remote team members when specific skills or project demands arise.
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10. How can I ensure remote employees align with my business goals and objectives?

t's essential that your accounting & finance team members, whether local hires or remote specialists, are aligned and moving toward your business's core goals to facilitate successful and continuous growth.

You can ensure this alignment by laying the company's goals clearly. Involve remote team members in goal-setting and regularly check progress toward objectives in team meetings.

At MultiplyMii, we adopt the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) and conduct L10 and weekly team meetings. These sessions aim to update the team on current and future plans, remind everyone of the company's goals, and ensure all team members contribute to achieving said objectives.

If you want to establish streamlined and productive meetings like this, download this editable L10 deck template.
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