We're on a mission. Across borders, across time zones, we connect companies with the unrivaled top 1% of Filipino talent to multiply teams, time, and talent.

Our Mission

Company Culture

We’re hungry. We’re perpetual students. We’re littered around the globe. Why waste time fitting into the status quo? None of us fit “normal,” and it’s worked for us. We’re passionate about changing the game for remote teams, because we’re prototypic proof of the “next normal” of work.
What makes us “Paradigm Smashers?”
Remote work has adjusted course to meet more business models. Freelancing websites, “gig” work and first-gen BPOs…who has time for that kind of recruiting? Even traditional headhunting misses the mark with its unceremonious hand-off of new hires.
  • We don’t just recruit—we onboard, train, and focus on long-term success
  • We only recruit the top 1% talent that brings big impact
  • We close the gaps in company processes for future-proof scaling
  • We amp up the livelihood of Multipliers and companies in tandem
What makes us “Perpetual Students?”
Our resource center gives us away. We love learning and teaching what we learn. Multipliers see it when we train them, and companies benefit as we keep a pulse on the best productivity, project management and business practices. We offer:
  • Dedicated resource center
  • Proven expertise in 4DX
  • Superstar-level knowledge of EOS
  • Ongoing performance and business consultation
What makes us “Hungry?”
MultiplyMii is an Escala Consulting Group company. That gives us the advantage of knowing how business operations leverage remote talent to fill operational gaps and multiply growth.
  • We’ve built over 150 high-producing teams
  • We assess businesses from a Big 4 vantage point
  • We don’t just serve—we advise and then implement
  • We bake scalable practices right into high-producing teams
Our Values

Living, Breathing Processes

We believe in the “living document.” Any process or procedure ever written will be subject to change.

Knowing how and when to change, though, is hard. When should an existing process be followed and not upended? When is it worth the time and energy to revamp it?

We believe in smashing paradigms, but with careful calculation. We identify needed changes first, then weigh the cost of implementation against the benefits. That way, we prioritize. When we act, it’s swift.

“If I only had an hour to chop down a tree, I would spend the first 45 minutes sharpening my axe.”

- Abe Lincoln

Better Education

We believe the value that clients and Multipliers gain with MultiplyMii starts with unfettered access to one of the most knowledgeable organizations in the business world. MultiplyMii is an Escala Group company, so we know scaling and business processes inside and out. 

We reduce the time, effort and investment in bulking up the talent density on professional teams. This means recruiting the best and setting teams for success with access to educational materials galore.

Thought Leadership

We breed big ideas. Like so many ingredients in the perfect cocktail, we come together and an unforgettable reaction takes place. 

Our passion drove us to create the MultiplyMii model of tapping the top 1% Filipino talent. Our dedicated recruiters tap an unrivaled talent pool and find the perfect people to multiply results. 

We make work more efficient. We build talent density. We also create a better work environment for all involved. That’s how we plan to change the market.

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

- Abe Lincoln

Our People

We’re passionate. We’re productive. And frankly, we’re an excellent example of the kind of high-performing teams we build.
Yoni K.
CEO & Co-Founder
Eli L.
COO & Co-Founder
Tom M.
Jas C.
Strategy Lead
Frances S.
Engagement Manager
Art A.
Head of Sourcing
Jonas S.
Stacey F.
Sr. Consultant

Who We Serve

We fit any type, size or structure of business. Today, remote talent can be just as seamlessly integrated into any business as a local hire can. The companies we bring the biggest value to are those with major growing pains. You know who you are. You’re the businesses who needed to hire a skilled team member yesterday. The businesses we serve use our services to staff the best, not fill seats. We provide the highly-skilled and hyper-driven professionals for careers that change lives.