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Bridging Global Companies with Global-Standard Talent

MultiplyMii is the end-to-end executive recruitment and HR solution that connects top talent from the Philippines with the best companies worldwide. The remote teams we build support your goals at costs your business can manage.

I am a

BUSINESS looking to add the best talent to my team


/klaɪ ənt/


  1. An organization with growing pains that can only be solved by infusing talent, but is unable to compromise on quality or costs.
  2. A company with the digital world at its core, but no HR or recruiting SOPs (or time) to attract and develop talent.
I am a

TALENT looking for a better career and life


/mʌl təˌplaɪ ər/


  1. A high-performing professional in the Philippines who brings measurable value to any team.
  2. A Filipino professional committed to delivering results that consistently surpass expectations.
  3. A professional in the Philippines intrinsically focused on developing their skills in pursuit of long-term impact.

Who Is MultiplyMii?

We are your gateway to an efficient remote team. By focusing on the long-term success of Clients and Multipliers, we perform end-to-end solutions from headhunting and HR Management to ongoing talent development. No one takes future-proof scaling more seriously than MultiplyMii. 

Direct Hire
Attract & acquire the best talent for your team. Effortlessly.
Account Management
Eliminate the tedious employee-related paperwork from your backlog. We got it from here.
Talent Accelerator Program
Hire & retain the most coveted professionals in the industry.
We build talent density on teams so the team can take care of business with a future-proof way to work.
Ready to multiply?

We’ll take it from here…

From recruiting to HR and long-term success, focus on your vision while we help you scale. We recruit high-performing talent from the Philippines as part of our self-sustaining talent model—and at a cost, each company can manage.

We build talent density that benefits the company and talent alike.

Are You Experiencing Growing Pains?

The meter is running. There’s an opportunity out there for the professionals willing to take it. But businesses needed the perfect candidate yesterday, so they settled before recruiting the best. No business should hire under that kind of pressure when there’s top talent out there who could change the course of that business forever.

Powered by Filipino Talent

The Philippines represents a highly skilled workforce. The country’s economic structure supports the growth of this professional pool every day. Among Asia’s premier labor markets, the country has 40.7 million professionals (of a population of 70.9 million), and English is the official language in all tertiary education.

150+ Scalable Teams Built

Daily wages in the Philippines average about 1/5 of peers in the U.S., meaning great wages for Filipinos still create opportunities for brands who otherwise can’t afford executive-level talent.

The world continues to get smaller, especially with a cultural fit like the Philippines (Filipinos are brought up appreciating Western culture—like Western films and music—and interacting with tourists).

Focused on the
Long-Term Success

MultiplyMii future-proofs your team not just by attracting the top talent but by developing that talent and continually training Multipliers and Clients on better practices.
From hiring to onboarding and even professional development, MultiplyMii takes care of all the un-sexy HR stuff so Multipliers enjoy security and Clients can focus on growth.

Testaments of the MultiplyMii Commitment

“We received more than what we expected!

Our Latest Hires

Check out the latest Multipliers in all their glory! These professionals were each recruited and onboarded to fill specific roles, sailing through the MultiplyMii gateway to more opportunity, greater success, and a future-facing way to work.
Mauriane G.
Mauriane G.
Human Resources
Maria Chevone B.
Maria Chevone B.
Amazon Manager
Kristelle Jeanine A.
Kristelle Jeanine A.
Marketing Analyst
Francis Carlo A.
Francis Carlo A.
Amazon Manager
Therese B.
Therese B.
Associate Management Consultant
Gemima G.
Gemima G.
Associate Management Consultant
Noel Ralph D.
Noel Ralph D.
Account Manager
Rosalie S.
Executive Virtual Assistant
Lensey E.
Marketing Copywriter
Nastassia Marie B.
Management Consultant
Aris S.
Account Manager
Princes Dianne L.
Account Manager
Michael d. L.
Head of Branding and Creative