You Know You Should Outsource Your Staffing, but Why the Philippines?

You Know You Should Outsource Your Staffing, but Why the Philippines?

Talent outsourcing is rapidly becoming the norm among businesses. Of the numerous talent pools in the world, why are most leaning towards outsourcing to the Philippines?

Outsourcing allows organizations to quickly respond to continually evolving business needs and respond to market factors by efficiently scaling their operations. Some businesses thrive on the fact that to make money, you need to spend money. Since a return on investment (ROI) is almost always uncertain, maintaining controlled operating costs is a challenge that every business, particularly new ones, have to overcome. Often, this means that companies must compromise. 

Compromising on Hiring Good Talent

Interestingly, a huge number of small businesses hire team members who are less skilled because they are often cheaper. The problem with this is that about 56% of these companies are dissatisfied with their employees’ output. For small businesses, this operational expense does not bring additional value to their organization. Why hire team members who do not bring commensurate value? But this is a reality for most simply because they don’t outsource their talent management. As such, they are often left with three options:

  1. Compromise on talent acquisition
  2. Spend money on talent acquisition
  3. Spend time looking for talent

All these three scenarios can be best resolved by outsourcing. Now that you know you should outsource, the question now is, why the Philippines? 

Why Outsourcing to the Philippines is Your Best Option

High English Proficiency

The Philippines has one of the highest English proficiency levels in Asia, second only to Singapore. If you didn’t know yet, the country has a strong affinity to the West due to its colonization in the past. Additionally, many of the educational institutions use English as the primary form of instruction. That said, Filipinos are far better at communicating with their Western clients compared to any other region. The result? Better understanding and increased work efficiency. 


Aside from their English proficiency, Filipinos take their education seriously. In fact, most Filipino parents will consider education as the only treasure they can provide for their children. As such, students often place such a high value on getting their degrees that some even study while working. Most virtual assistants (VA) that a company can source from the Philippines will often have college degrees.

Cultural Fit

Compared to other outsourcing hubs, the Filipino workforce is much more culturally aligned with most Western countries. They share the same hobbies and interests. As such, it is easier to build rapport and encourage a camaraderie within your company. As an employer, you may no longer need to spend more time in your adjustment period or go through an awkward phase with your employees.


Small businesses have much to gain when they work with loyal employees. These people are often more than willing to invest time and effort in your company. They strive hard to bring new ideas to the table. When your employee is loyal to the business, it can mean hefty profits. And if there is one thing that Filipinos are proud of, it is their loyalty. Filipinos place high importance on stability and security. Once they get access to a gainful employment opportunity, they will stick around and increase your bottom line considerably.

Career Driven

Perhaps one of the strengths of Filipino workers that can bring a tremendous increase in productivity is their drive to learn new things and expand their current skill set. Give them a task, and even no matter how unfamiliar they may be with the topic, they will do their best to learn it and deliver. Filipinos take pride in accomplishing their obligations, which a company can leverage.

Tips for Working with Filipinos

While Filipino culture bears many strong similarities with Western culture and practices, there are still a few differences and this may seem slightly confusing to some employers. If you are seriously thinking of outsourcing to the Philippines, here are some tips to help you streamline the process:

Get Wins on the Board

One thing that sets most Filipino workers apart from American employees is the fact that you can’t simply throw them into the deep end and assume that they can understand your processes. It is critical for them to feel comfortable first. Let them learn the ropes before expanding their tasks and knowledge base. This is why your organization needs to have a solid onboarding process to guide your employees to become familiar with all of your business dealings.

Ensure Clear Communication

One of the challenges of working with a remote team is communication. To make sure tasks will get done, communicate with your team, and make sure each instruction is understood. You have to teach the practice of asking questions if anything seems unclear. Don’t assume that instructions are understood at all times. This practice helps eliminate the need for going back and forth with tasks.

Get to Know Your Team

Since you have a remote team to manage, you should make them feel comfortable with their work environment. Your remote workers should feel that they are indeed part of a team. When you do get to know them, you can expect them to feel valued. They will enjoy what they do. Hence, they will be more productive. 

Moreover, it will be easier to learn what motivates them and identify what employee retention strategies to deploy so that they remain loyal and deeply invested in your company. Knowing your team better also means that they will be more open to you. They can ask questions and give feedback whenever necessary. This can help ensure that your employees can consistently churn out quality work.

Why Outsource In the Philippines With MultiplyMii?

MultiplyMii offers an all-in-one solution for your growing pains as an organization. From hiring to onboarding, the company’s bespoke staffing solution can ensure that you will no longer have to compromise on talent acquisition and still benefit from hiring people that can add meaningful value to your operations.

Learn how MultiplyMii can help you outsource to the Philippines. Book a call now and let us help you.

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