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Outsourcing Social Media Management: A Friendly Guide

Outsourcing Social Media Management: A Friendly Guide

A “basic” social media management package usually involves creating and scheduling a month’s worth of content on your brand’s social media platforms. It might look easy, but it’s definitely not cheap. In fact, it can already cost anywhere between $500 to $5,000 monthly. Mind you, that’s “basic”!

In the US, a typical social media manager charges $8,000+ monthly. They can also help tap online influencers with millions of followers. However, this social media tactic can easily cost over $3,000 for just one brand mention. 

You might ask, “Why does it cost too much?” 

Well, for one, it’s a strategic role. Second, maybe you’re just not looking in the right direction. 

By outsourcing social media management or hiring a remote talent dedicated to growing your online reach, you can cut costs AND get stellar results! 

Besides, a “basic” package wouldn’t cut it in the digital world. You need an efficient team member who can plan, create, and execute social media campaigns tailored to your goals. 

This is where we come in. As staffing experts, we’ll help you find the right person for social media management! We know the industry’s challenges, costs, and nuances, enabling us to assist you in making the right hiring decision. 

Read this page and allow us to walk you through it.

Social Media Management: Outsourcing vs. Offshore Staffing 

Managing your social media accounts is essential for any business, and you have two options to do it effectively: offshore staffing and outsourcing.

What is offshore staffing?

Offshore staffing means hiring people from other countries to work for your company. In the context of social media management, it involves having a remote team based in a different country handle your social media tasks. 

A good example is when you work with MultiplyMii, which offers excellent, cost-effective offshore staffing solutions. We assist our clients in successfully finding remote talent who can bring value to their business.

What is outsourcing?

Outsourcing, on the other hand, means contracting another company to handle specific tasks for you. When it comes to social media management, you can hire a specialized agency to take care of your social media presence. This is a convenient way to get expert help.

Now, let's compare the two options:

  1. Control

    Offshore staffing:
    You have more direct control over the team you hire, as they become an extension of your company. 

    You hand over control to a third-party agency, trusting them to manage your social media.
  1. Cost

    Offshore staffing:
    It can be cost-effective, especially if you hire from countries with a lower cost of living.

    It can be pricier, but you get professional expertise.
  1. Expertise

    Offshore staffing:
    You can select and train your offshore team to match your needs and goals.

    You gain access to a team of experts with specialized knowledge.
  1. Communication

    Offshore staffing:
    Time zone and language differences may create communication challenges.

    Agencies often have better communication infrastructure and can offer 24/7 support.

In the end, the choice between offshore staffing and outsourcing for social media management depends on your business's needs and resources. Offshore staffing can be more hands-on, while outsourcing offers professional expertise and convenience.

But there's no one-size-fits-all answer. Consider your goals, budget, and the level of control you want when deciding which approach is best for you.

Factors To Consider Before Outsourcing Social Media

If you're still second-guessing whether to outsource social media management, ask yourself these questions below to help you decide: 

1. “How much time does my business devote to social media marketing?”

Did you know that the average person bounces between seven different social networks per month? That’s a lot for you to cover. With this info in mind, you can see why social media management can be time-consuming. So, check if you have the resources to handle it in-house. 

If you're already stretched thin, outsourcing could be a good option. By outsourcing social media management, you can free up time and resources to focus on other areas of your business.

2. “Have we defined our brand voice and values?”

Your social media presence is an extension of your brand. 77% of internet users use social media to seek more information on brands, making it all the more critical that your messaging is consistent across all platforms. 

If you haven't defined your brand voice and values, it may be difficult to communicate your message effectively. Before outsourcing, ensure you clearly understand your brand and how you want to communicate it on social media.

3. “What are our social media marketing goals?”

What are the results you want to achieve with your social media efforts? Is it brand awareness, leads, or website traffic? 

Your goals will be the foundation of the strategy and tactics used by your social media manager. So, having a clear idea of what you want to achieve before outsourcing is non-negotiable.

4. “How much of our social media strategy is documented?”

It's important to have a documented social media strategy in place. Doing so will help ensure your social media manager, outsourced or not, is aligned with your goals and messaging. 

If you need a documented strategy, consider creating one before outsourcing.

5. “Has our social presence plateaued? Do we need a fresh perspective?”

70% of marketers
say consistent branding is essential to building a community and retaining customers. But what if your social media presence has plateaued? It may be time to bring in fresher perspectives. 

Outsourcing social media services allows you to work with people who know what they’re doing. They can help create new ideas and strategies to boost your social media presence. Consider it if your social media presence could use a little push.

Once you’ve answered these questions and everything points to outsourcing, don’t forget there’s a right way to do it!

Steps to Successfully Outsource Social Media for Your Business

Use this guide to help you successfully outsource your social media management.

Step 1: Choose a consultant you can trust

Look for someone with experience managing social media accounts for similar businesses. You can find consultants through referrals, online searches, or social media platforms. 

Before hiring a consultant, check their references and portfolio to ensure they have a track record of success.

Step 2: Consider a setup and strategy-only approach

Some businesses prefer to handle the day-to-day management of their social media accounts in-house but need help getting started with a strategy and setup. 

If this is the case for your business, consider working with a consultant who offers a setup and strategy-only approach. This can be a cost-effective way to get your social media accounts up and running with a solid strategy.

Step 3: Work closely with your social media consultant

Once you've chosen a consultant to work with, it's crucial to establish clear communication and work closely with them. Your consultant must understand your business, target audience, and goals to create an effective social media strategy. Schedule regular check-ins to review progress and make adjustments as needed.

Step 4: Monitor your social media consultant's work

Even if you trust your social media consultant, it's important to monitor their work to ensure they meet your expectations. This includes reviewing content before publishing, monitoring engagement on your social media accounts, and tracking key performance metrics. 

Regularly checking your consultant's work will help you identify areas for improvement and ensure you're getting the most out of your investment.

The Challenges of Social Media Outsourcing

Outsourcing social media management is undoubtedly a smart move if you don't have the time or expertise to handle it in-house. But it's not without its challenges. 

Finding the right talent (at the right price)

One of the biggest challenges of outsourcing social media management is finding the right talent. Finding a social media specialist who understands your brand and can create content that resonates with your target audience is important. However, finding the right talent can be difficult, especially if you're on a tight budget.

It's important to strike a balance between quality and cost. You don't want to hire someone who is too expensive, but you also don't want to hire someone who is inexperienced and produces low-quality content. 

If you’re running on a tight budget, consider outsourcing to a reputable agency or tapping a remote staffing company like MultiplyMii. We have a successful track record of driving businesses forward with pre-vetted remote Filipino candidates. Not only do you get to save time on hiring, you also get to save on labor and overhead costs.

Maintaining your voice and values

Surprisingly, 27% of companies that have brand guidelines don’t enforce their guidelines regularly. But this doesn’t mean it’s okay! Without consistent brand presentation across all platforms, you miss out on increasing your revenue by up to 23%.

Your social media presence is an extension of your brand. Your content must reflect your values and messaging. So, when outsourcing social media management, alignment with your brand is a challenge you should pay attention to. Consider creating a style guide that outlines your brand's tone, messaging, and visual style. This will help make your content consistent and reflect your brand's identity.

Delegating without micromanaging

When outsourcing social media management, it can be tempting to micromanage every aspect of your specialist's work. This can be counterproductive and lead to a breakdown in communication. It's important to delegate tasks to your specialist and trust them to do their job.

To delegate effectively, set clear expectations and deadlines for your social media manager. This will allow them to understand what is expected of them. You can also agree to use project management tools to track progress and communicate with them.

Ready to grow your online presence and reach new audiences? Be aware of the challenges and take steps to address them to make sure that your social media presence truly reflects your brand.

How To Vet Your Outsourced Social Media Manager

Finding the right person to handle your social media is crucial. You want to ensure they are experienced, reliable, and capable of delivering the desired results. To help you narrow down your list of candidates, keep these tips in mind:

Determine what you're looking for in a Social Media Manager

Before you search for a social media manager, it's important to determine what you're looking for. 

What are your goals for social media? What platforms do you want to focus on? What kind of content do you want to create? 

By answering these questions, you can create an accurate job description that reflects your needs. This will help you attract the right candidates and make it easier to vet them.

Look into their history

When considering a social media manager, it's important to look into their history. This includes their education, work experience, and any relevant certifications or training they may have. 

Pro-tip: You can also check their social media profiles to see how they manage their own accounts. This will give you an idea of their style and approach to social media.

Research your hire's references

Before you make a hire, it's essential to check their references. This will give you an idea of their past performance and how they've worked with other clients. 

When checking references, be sure to ask specific questions about the candidate's strengths and weaknesses, communication skills, and ability to meet deadlines.

Ask how they'll keep you in the loop on progress or issues

Communication is key when outsourcing social media management. You want to ensure that your social media manager can keep you in the loop on progress and any issues that may arise. 

Before hiring, ask how they plan to communicate with you. Will they provide regular reports? Will they be available for meetings or calls? Make sure that their communication style aligns with your expectations.

Take advantage of a trial period or contract

Finally, taking advantage of a trial period or contract is a good idea. This will allow you to see how your new social media manager performs. 

During this time, you can evaluate their work and decide whether or not they're the right fit for your business. If satisfied with their work, you can move forward with a longer-term contract.

By following these steps, you can vet your outsourced social media manager and make the right hire for your business.

Empower Your Brand with an Effective Social Media Manager

In the fast-paced world of social media, it's not just about being there; it's about leaving a mark.

To make that happen, you need more than just a manager. You need a creative genius and a strategist all rolled into one. 

That's where MultiplyMii steps in, your partner in successfully finding the best talent for your business. 

With our help, bring aboard a Social Media Manager who’s all about propelling your brand to success. 

It's time to crank up your social game, share your story, and hook your audience.

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