Breaking the Stigma About Filipino Talent

Breaking the Stigma About Filipino Talent

Breaking the Stigma About Filipino Talent 

Did you know that the Philippines is the Call Center Capital of the world? The country has been basking in this global recognition for over two decades when it overtook India in 2010 as the World’s Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Capital. 

Since then, it has been a series of growth and triumphs for the Philippines’ Call Center industry. In fact, according to a report published by the World Trade Organization, there’s a significant rise in the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by 7.3% in 2019 alone. 

Somehow, this global acknowledgment is a double-edged sword for the Filipinos engaged in the outsourcing industry and offshore or remote work opportunities. The country is so popular in the call center market that most foreign businesses only see Filipino workers as Virtual Assistants (VA) and Customer Support Representatives (CSR). 

However, Filipino professionals have been breaking this stigma slowly but surely. Because why not? This country is swarmed with knowledgeable and talented professionals with commendable work ethics that most business owners look for in an ideal candidate! 

They’ve secured the call center industry already – watch them flourish more in different fields. 

The Realities Behind Filipino Talents in the Offshore Universe 

“Is it true that the Philippines are good for outsourcing VAs and CSRs only?” Absolutely not! 

Gone are the days that the only viable skills in the country are administrative tasks and customer care. Today, you can even build your whole team with dedicated Filipino experts – no matter which field you need to be filled up! 

Along with the country’s beautiful beaches and picturesque views are hidden Filipino talents waiting to be discovered. Over the years, the Philippines has continued to produce quality graduates equipped with a caliber that rivals the international pool. 

Filipino professionals in Medicine, Law, Accounting, Engineering, and so on, are highly valued Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW). With the rise of the Internet, we have also seen an increase in demand for online roles in business, creative, finance, communications, technology, and a whole lot more. 

The O in OFW can now mean Online, too. 

Online Filipino Workers are just as informed, trained, and skilled as the professionals around the globe. According to the 2019 Small Business BPO Survey conducted by Clutch, these industries are the top sectors to outsource people and invite them to work remotely: 

1. Accounting - 37%

2. IT Services - 37% 

3. Digital Marketing - 34% 

4. Development - 24% 

5. Human Resources - 24% 

6. Customer Support - 24% 

Among these industries, the Philippines is also a haven for skilled Recruiters, Ecommerce professionals and analysts, Graphic Designers, and Webmasters. 

What makes the Filipino talents different and why you should hire them 

The top 3 industries most likely to outsource their employees are Accounting, IT Services, and Digital Marketing. And honestly, the Philippines is one of the most sought-after resources for top-tier professionals in these fields. 

But what makes Filipino professionals different from their other neighboring (and far-fetched) online workers on the map? Let’s dive right into some of the high-level and unique skills Filipinos possess that startups and small to medium business owners look for in a plausible candidate. 

1. Strong Grasp of the English Language 

Out of 112 countries, the Philippines ranked 18th in the 2021 English Proficiency Index, the second Asian country to rank in the top 20 while Singapore sits at number 4. Filipinos are very comfortable in the English language – they are proficient in verbal and oral communication and most of the time, as good as any native speakers. Their “Call Center Capital” badge can attest to this. Most businesses outsource Filipinos because of seamless communication and neutral accents. 

Here’s a trivia: there are 175 dialects in the Philippines but English is the most common language they use to converse with each other. This is because the Philippine Educational System has been greatly influenced by the Americans during the early years. 

2. Accountability and Ownership 

Filipinos are true to their words. They own their work 100%, accept criticisms with a grain of salt, and always strive to do better than their last performance. They stay away from the blame game and practice accountability like their second nature. 

3. Effective Management Skills and Teamwork 

One of the most celebrated traits Filipinos in general possess is hospitality. Congeniality is engraved in their DNA. The reason behind the importance of being friendly and approachable is because these attributes are the core of being great leaders and teammates. 

Imagine appointing a manager who doesn’t communicate with the team. You might miss interpersonal challenges gradually rising within the workplace because your hired manager won’t have any idea about it.

Filipino workers are innately concerned and proactive. They take space and let their voices heard, generously share their expertise with the team, and work hand-in-hand for your business's overall success. 

4. Time Zone Adaptability 

When you’re outsourcing from different parts of the globe, it is essential to look for employees who can easily adapt to your time zone or shifting schedules. 

The gig economy, widely known as freelancing, has long been established in the country. It continues to rise along with remote work opportunities, and much significantly when the pandemic reached the country in 2020. This hones the Filipino workers more to adjust to shifting schedules. Online Filipino Workers often take engage with foreign clients in the USA, Australia, and Europe. 

5. High Educational Attainment 

The Filipinos have a lot of skills up in their sleeves. Many companies outsource Filipino talents because of their world-class training and services. 

When you hire people from the Philippines, rest assured that the work they will deliver is at par with the global scale. The Filipinos are subject to the Western Standard of quality education from their primary to tertiary studies. 

Combine all these traits and you’ll get an ideal offshore teammate! No need to look through high mountains and low seas, they’re just waiting for you in the Philippines. 

Top 5 In-Demand Roles that Filipinos Offer Best 

1. IT & Computer Programming 

Information Technology (IT) and computer programming positions are arguably the most in-demand jobs in Philippine outsourcing. The top-notch IT professionals in the country are the reason outsourcing IT services is high in demand. The Philippines is the leading country in terms of skill and capabilities. From websites to mobile applications and other mediums, Filipino IT professionals are equipped with the tools at a lesser rate than onshore costs. 

2. Phone and Customer Support 

Phone and customer support ranks up there with IT positions. There’s a reason behind the Philippines holding onto the “BPO hub” title. Aside from being a top-five country with fluent English speakers based on population, Filipinos have a neutral accent which is favorable for companies outsourcing voice support. Foreign businesses choose to invest in outsourcing Filipino talents who are versatile and adaptive that can cover round-the-clock shifts in Australia, to the United Kingdom, all the way to the United States. 

3. Recruitment and Human Resources 

The human resources department is among the commanded jobs in PH outsourcing. This area takes care of recruitment, compensation and benefits, organizational development,

employee concerns, performance monitoring, all the way to communication and administration. In theory, this function is mandatory in the office, but small companies and startups might not have enough resources to go through all the pages of hiring or dealing with issues that coincide with day-to-day functions. That said, companies choose to hire outsourced HR to relieve them from other tedious tasks. 

4. Content Creators 

The Philippine workforce is known for its English proficiency. This means that a large selection can handle writing tasks. Most publications deal with digital content. Furthermore, most companies look to outsource writers for several applications. You can find competent copywriters, content writers, managers, and strategists in several industries. Companies typically outsource writing jobs since these are tasks that can be accomplished anywhere in the world. 

5. Graphic Design 

Graphic design takes up a huge portion of this demand. Designers and their creative flair can supply visual representations companies might need. A brand needs to communicate to its market and graphic designing provides a viable avenue just for that. This can range from branding, web design, and development to creating marketing materials for online and offline platforms. Ultimately, since the job can be accomplished without face-to-face interaction, communicating tasks online is more straightforward. 

Why You Should Outsource from the Philippines 

Now that we’ve established the Philippine talent pool is more diverse than you think, let’s work our way to the big three why’s are they worth investing on. 

We especially lean on affordable scaling opportunities for small to medium businesses, but we’ll let you decide which Why works for your company. 

● Lower Salary Range 

Reduced cost is a major benefit for any business looking to outsource in the Philippines. Being a developing country, the location offers lower costs compared to its South Asian neighbors in terms of daily wages. The Philippines’ low cost of living cuts down a fraction of the price compared to its Western counterparts. 

Engaging in businesses in the Philippines is affordable due to the lower exchange rates, too. Reduce overhead costs with low rentals, infrastructure, and recruitment. Tax values are also greatly reduced along with several fees that can be more costly elsewhere. Ultimately, you can focus on your company’s profitability and focus on other areas of your business to improve customer service and at the same time boost manpower experience. 

● Cost-Effective Especially for Offshore Businesses 

Outsourcing in the Philippines is synonymous with quality work. This is prevalent when looking at the impressive business results produced by BPOs in the country.

This led to the boom of the BPO industry in the country with massive figures, hitting over 22 billion US dollars of revenue. 

Filipino talent is a low-cost alternative for business, but it does not sacrifice quality. The difference in staff expenditure, benefits, and operational effectiveness makes the Philippines an attractive location for outsourcing. 

● The Filipino Loyalty is Real 

Filipinos have excellent work ethics that attract business owners. Their values, integrity, and most importantly, loyalty seem to nurture in any organization model. They foster integrity and keep it on par with respect for peers. These attributes are present both inside and outside the work environment. Respect is of utmost importance to the Filipinos, and that goes in line with loyalty. They also value work stability and would choose to stay long-term. 

Apart from these, they are extremely resilient and can operate well under pressure due to their patience and calm persona. Their positive attitude combined with work is what sparks success behind outsourcing teams. 

The rapid rise of outsourcing in the Philippines slowly breaks the stigma that once was glued to its workforce. One major reason for this growth highlights Western influence paired with language fluency. 

With over 25 years of exposure to foreign businesses, the business process outsourcing industry in the country has its root deep into its ecosystem. The country’s BPO sector holds a global market share north of 10%, which is triple its value in 2004. Ultimately, the global market share is expected to hit 15% by the end of 2022. 

The numbers alone can snap the stigma that goes with Filipino talent. Not only does the Philippines help improve cost efficiency, but it also introduces a highly skilled workforce that emphasizes flexibility, a solid track record, and plenty of coverage – all of which are geared towards the success of your business.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Filipinos skilled workers?

Filipino talent is known in various fields, such as information technology, customer service, healthcare, engineering, and creative industries. When you hire Filipino talent, you enjoy their proficiency in English, adaptability, strong work ethic, and ability to quickly learn new skills, making them valuable assets for your business.

What are those skilled workers?

Skilled workers in the Philippines encompass many professions and industries, including IT specialists, customer service representatives, nurses, healthcare professionals, and more. They contribute significantly to the country's workforce and economy domestically and internationally.

Why Filipino workers are in demand?

Filipino talent is in demand because of their skills, strong communication abilities in English, and reputation for dedication and reliability. These qualities make them highly sought after by companies looking to outsource or expand operations cost-effectively.

Why Filipinos are the best workers?

Filipino workers are often regarded as the best due to their hardworking nature, adaptability to different work environments, and commitment to delivering high-quality results. They are known for their professionalism, reliability, and willingness to go the extra mile in their roles, contributing to businesses and their success stories.