6 Tips for Retaining Your Top Web Developers in the Philippines

6 Tips for Retaining Your Top Web Developers in the Philippines

Picture this: It's a bustling Monday morning, and you and your skilled web development team have just wrapped up a fruitful meeting for an upcoming project. But, out of nowhere, a resignation letter from one of your top developers lands on your desk. The sudden departure leaves you stunned and with a void to fill.

If this sounds familiar, you're not alone.

With our extensive staffing expertise, we're here to help you bounce back.

We'll spotlight common workplace situations to watch for, along with six vital tips to retain your top web developers.

But before all that, let’s zoom into this looming problem!

The Tech Talent Shortage

According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), there will be a global shortfall of 4 million developers by 2025. The situation is alarming, as companies worldwide risk losing trillions in revenue. 

A poll of global tech leaders conducted by MIT Technology Review Insights shows that 64% of respondents think that most tech candidates (web developers, web designers, and front-end developers) lack the necessary skills or experience. 

As a result, businesses need help finding the right candidates to fill their open positions.

Why is there a tech talent shortage?

  1. Demand and supply

The rapid pace of technological advancements means that the number of jobs in the tech industry is growing faster than the number of skilled workers available. Moreover, the traditional education system has a hard time keeping up with the pace of technological change. This is causing a skills gap between what’s taught in universities and the skills required by employers.

  1. Competition for talent

Large tech companies
have the resources to attract the best talent with high salaries, benefits, and perks, making them go-to employers. This makes it difficult for smaller companies to compete for talent, leading to a shortage of skilled workers.

Common Reasons Web Developers Quit

As employers, it's important to understand why developers quit the industry. This knowledge can help you avoid making the same mistakes and keep your business running smoothly.

Toxic work environment

A toxic work environment can make even the most passionate web developer want to quit. According to the MIT Sloan Management Review, a toxic company culture lacks diversity, equity, and inclusion, leading to high employee turnover, low morale, and decreased productivity.

Low salary

Low salary is one of the most common reasons web developers consider quitting. It gives off feelings of not being adequately rewarded for your skills, experience, and the value you bring to your organization.

The average monthly salary of web developers in the US ranges from $3,500 to $14,000, depending on their level of expertise and experience. For instance, a developer with 9 years of experience will have a higher asking salary than someone with 7 years.

And as a business owner, it’s normal to want to save on costs. But instead of making a low offer, find better alternatives that fit your budget.


Website development can be intense, with long hours of coding, problem-solving, and meeting deadlines. Depending on the website's needs, your web developer must consider optimization, website design, and sometimes even automation. 

So, burnout happens when they push themselves too hard for too long without taking breaks.

Burnout can have four symptoms:

  • Feelings of energy depletion, exhaustion, and fatigue
  • Increased mental distance from your job
  • Feelings of negativism or cynicism related to your job
  • Reduced professional efficacy


Due to several factors, web developers often encounter frustration in the workplace or while working on projects. One common source of frustration is shifting project requirements and scope creep, where client or team expectations change frequently without clear documentation. This can lead to confusion, delays, and added work.

Additionally, technical challenges, such as browser compatibility issues, bugs, and unexpected errors, can be frustrating. Troubleshooting and resolving these hurdles require time and effort, sometimes disrupting project timelines.

To manage frustration effectively, developers often rely on problem-solving skills, effective communication, and collaboration with team members to address these challenges and ensure successful project outcomes.

Lack of passion

Passion drives success, so enjoying what you do is crucial. Sadly, some web developers discover they don't have the same passion for coding as they thought, making them explore other interests and career paths. 

Impostor syndrome

Impostor syndrome is when you feel like you don't deserve your job or accomplishments, even though you do. Around one-third of young people suffer from it, and 70% of everyone else is likely to experience it at some point. With the constant learning needed in web development, it’s common in the profession. 

Now that you know these common reasons, you can work on keeping your top tech talent!

6 Strategies for Retaining Your Web Developers

Whether your web developers are freelancers, in-house, or remote employees, retaining them saves time, money, and resources. And with the current competition for skilled developers, these strategies will help retain your web developers:

Create a positive work environment

Research by Deloitte indicates that 88% of employees and 94% of employers believe a great work environment goes a long way. The happier your developers are, the more likely they will keep working for you.

Web developers spend most of their time working on computers, so creating a comfortable and positive work environment is essential. You can start by:

  • Providing ergonomic chairs, desks, and lighting to ensure that your web developers are comfortable while working. 
  • Encouraging collaboration and communication among team members. 

A positive work environment can help your web developers feel motivated and engaged.

Have competitive compensation and benefits

Make sure your compensation and benefits package is competitive and fair. If you lack the budget to hire a local web developer, tap a remote staffing company like MultiplyMii to help you connect with skilled remote developers.

To give you an idea, remote web developers' average monthly salary in the Philippines is $1,100 to $2,500. Compare it with those in the US; there’s a huge difference. 

Hiring remote Filipino developers can help you save as much as 73% on labor costs!

Aside from the salary, the benefits you offer are also important. Provide health insurance, retirement plans, and other employee benefits to help your web developers feel valued and cared for. You can attract and retain your top tech talent by offering these opportunities and perks.

Provide career growth and advancement

Did you know that 69% of the developers are totally or partially self-taught? They’re massive knowledge junkies. 

So, presenting a career path and offering opportunities for growth and advancement will motivate them to stay longer. Provide training, mentorship, and opportunities for your web developers to learn new skills and technologies. Encourage them to attend conferences and workshops to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and advancements in web development. After all, you can also benefit from their growth and expertise.

Have work-life balance

Web developers often work long hours and under tight deadlines. You must prevent burnout and stress by encouraging them to take breaks and time off when needed. Offer flexible work schedules and remote work options to help them achieve work-life balance. If you’re worried about collaboration, there are remote management tools that you can make use of.

Recognize and show appreciation

Showing appreciation can help your web developers feel valued and motivated. Recognize their hard work and achievements, and celebrate milestones, birthdays, and other special occasions.

Fostering a sense of camaraderie is important as you work on the same goal. 

Implement employee retention programs and initiatives

Implementing employee retention programs and initiatives can help you retain your web developers. Offer incentives, bonuses, and other rewards for meeting performance goals. Besides, always looking for new ways to keep your team's spirit high is good.

You can also provide opportunities for your web developers to give feedback and suggestions for improvement. Making these efforts would not only encourage your web developers to hone their communication skills, but they will also feel invested in the company's success.

Best Countries To Outsource a Web Developer

Whether hiring a freelancer or a remote WordPress developer, you don't have to limit your search to your country. Thanks to the global nature of the internet, you can find talented web developers from around the world.

The Philippines

English is widely spoken in the Philippines, which is a significant advantage if you seek clear and effective communication with your remote web development team.

Moreover, the cost of living in the Philippines is comparatively lower than in many Western countries, resulting in cost-effective and quality web development services.

Want to hire remote Filipino professionals? At MultiplyMii, we can help you connect with the top 5% of Filipino talent. We’ve helped businesses with their successful hires despite the tech talent shortage.


India is renowned for its vast pool of skilled web developers. They often have extensive experience and expertise in popular web development technologies and languages like PHP.

What makes India particularly appealing is its cost-effectiveness. Indian web developers typically offer competitive rates, making it an attractive option for businesses looking to control costs without compromising quality. 


Ukraine boasts a highly educated and tech-savvy workforce, and Ukrainian developers often keep up with the latest web development trends and technologies. This results in high-quality work at relatively reasonable rates, striking a balance between cost and quality that many businesses find advantageous.


Poland is known for its technically proficient developers and strong work ethics. These developers are often highly skilled in various programming languages and frameworks, ensuring the delivery of high-quality work in compliance with international standards.


You'll find many multilingual web developers proficient in multiple languages in Romania. This can be a considerable advantage for projects with diverse language requirements. Romania also offers skilled developers competitively, making it an attractive destination for outsourcing web development projects.


Brazil is known for the creativity and innovative thinking that its developers bring to the table. This often results in fresh and unique solutions for web development projects. Additionally, the cultural compatibility between Brazil and many Western countries can foster strong working relationships and effective communication, enhancing the outsourcing experience.

Each of these countries offers unique advantages for web development services. Before choosing, check your specific project needs, budget constraints, and preferences.

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