Empowering The Best Talent To Work With The Best Global Brands

The Filipino talent pool is one of the most career-focused, savvy, and adept. Connecting these talented Filipino professionals with companies around the world is our mission. 

We’ve helped top talent find remote jobs and career paths on 150+ high-producing global teams. Enter the next normal of remote work with total protection and stability. MultiplyMii got you covered.

Are You A Multiplier?

Career Growth
You’re focused on long-term growth. That includes growing your skills and helping the team you work with grow in tandem.
Professional Process
While we handle the tough calls in salary, you stay focused and confident in doing your job, constantly aiming for great output.
Learning and Development
Behind every task and project, you’re interested in the “why” and “what” comes next—and you remain eager to learn the answers.
Creative Thinking
When facing challenges, you use all available resources to understand and identify solutions. You are a source of ideas.
Your loyalty to the projects you work on is reciprocated by our team. We protect you and continue to find opportunities for you.

Does This Sound Like You?

Working well across borders is faced with challenges like time zones and communication gaps. But that's never the case with a Multiplier. You are confident in the value you can bring to any organization. Your work and experience are proof of your competence, motivating you further to thrive beyond your limits.
You Have Talent
You come by certain things naturally. As you’ve worked your way into your career, you’ve seen your talents flourish.
You’re Set Up to Work Remotely
The idea of working remotely is nothing new to you—you’re already set up and know how to manage your time and environment.
You Have a Global Perspective
You have an eye on global goings-on and enjoy an innate curiosity about the world. You’re no stranger to connecting with people and projects across borders.
You’re Highly Skilled
You’re highly skilled, as demonstrated in the success you’ve already had. You’ve even niched your skillset with the rising demand for more specific jobs.
You Aspire for Long-Term
You don’t just want a “gig,” otherwise you would be on a freelancer website. You want a career with a serious company—and a serious future.
You Want to Make an Impact
If you just wanted to make a buck, you wouldn’t be here. You want to make a real impact on a team hungry for your skill set.
You’re Ready for Stability
You want a regular salary with no delays or surprises. Is that so hard? We don’t think it should be. Our Multipliers get regular pay and benefits taken care of.
You Want to Relate
You know plenty about Western films, shows, and music. You’ve lost track of the number of tourists you’ve met. Relating to a team anywhere will be a cinch.
You Want to Build Your Career
You log into work every day with a built-in career drive, and you want to be influential and meaningful in your career in the long run.
You Want Free Reign
Sure, each job will have specific requirements, but you’re excited by opportunities where you’re trusted to come up with ideas and then run with them.

What You Get

You’ve put in the work to learn what you know. In our idea of the perfect world, that kind of talent gets rewarded. Remote work is no longer so “novel” that you can’t get fair benefits. Here’s what our Multipliers are guaranteed:
The Right Job
It’s what we were born to do: we put the right people in the right places for the best results. You’ll be matched to the project of your dreams, because you’re the talent of their dreams, too.
  • You’ll be recruited
  • We’ll take care of HR
  • We’ll onboard you
  • We’ll continue training, too
Comprehensive Benefits Package
MultiplyMii takes care of all the “un-sexy” stuff your client doesn’t have the headspace for. We’re pros at administering benefits, so you’ll get the perks without the headache.
  • 13th month and social security
  • PhilHealth and HMO
  • PTO and overtime
  • And more!
Upskilling Programs
MultiplyMii takes charge of performance reviews, too. From writing your KPIs and scorecards to checking in and coaching you, we’re in it to see you successful.
  • Daily, weekly, monthly check-ins
  • Performance reviews against KPIs
  • Learning & Development Program
  • Clear career paths
  • Wolfpack community

Bona Fide Recruiting and Onboarding Experience

Sourcing Call

MultiplyMii talks to you about the opportunity you applied to. We ask you questions to gauge interest and learn about your skill set, and you ask us questions, too. We all get aligned.


After an initial interview with MultiplyMii, you’re shortlisted as one of the top 3 candidates for the job. Then you interview with the hiring team.

You’re Hired!

MultiplyMii takes care of all the HR stuff so the hiring company doesn’t have to figure it out. That means you have a smooth, simple process and get set up for benefits in a snap.

Onboarding Starts

Onboarding officially kicks off and you start learning about all the specifics of the role and company. Every step of onboarding is led by your Onboarding Specialist.


Onboarding is a process, and we take it seriously. You gradually (but efficiently) integrate into the regular day-to-day of your role, building a stable and independent foundation.

First Review & Ongoing

MultiplyMii sticks by your side, constantly checking in to make sure you have what you need to work like a rockstar.

Training & Immersion

Your Onboarding Specialist and Account Manager team up to train you on KPIs and SOPs. You start shadowing, taking on tasks, and working into regular production.

Career Paths You Can Take

A job is one thing. A career is another. MultiplyMii is only successful when you are, so when you grow out of your role we want you to have a clear next step. Here are just some of the career paths you can take.

What They Say

“We received more than what we expected!

Our Latest Hires

Check out the latest Multipliers in all their glory! These professionals were each recruited and onboarded to fill specific roles, sailing through the MultiplyMii gateway to more opportunity, greater success, and a future-facing way to work.
Mauriane G.
Mauriane G.
Human Resources
Maria Chevone B.
Maria Chevone B.
Amazon Manager
Kristelle Jeanine A.
Kristelle Jeanine A.
Marketing Analyst
Francis Carlo A.
Francis Carlo A.
Amazon Manager
Therese B.
Therese B.
Associate Management Consultant
Gemima G.
Gemima G.
Associate Management Consultant
Noel Ralph D.
Noel Ralph D.
Account Manager
Rosalie S.
Executive Virtual Assistant
Lensey E.
Marketing Copywriter
Nastassia Marie B.
Management Consultant
Aris S.
Account Manager
Princes Dianne L.
Account Manager


How do you find the best Filipino talent?
Our 10,000+ historically vetted candidates we’ve built relationships with over years are our starting point. We post jobs on job boards most people don’t have access to, also, but most of the candidates we find are currently employed.
What kinds of businesses do you serve?
We serve all kinds of companies because remote work is possible in every industry. It’s the companies with rapid growth—and no time to recruit—that we provide the biggest impact.
How long does the process take?
Hiring can take around 30 days, and then your devoted Account Manager and Onboarding Specialist spend six weeks training, onboarding and guiding your hire. How your Multiplier is trained is something we define with you.
How does pricing work?
We can multiply your talent, your time, and your torque with three different levels of HR solutions. Check out the options on our pricing page.
What’s your timeline for hiring?
In general, a Multiplier could start working with your business within 30 days, however this varies. Because most of the candidates we find are currently employed, there is almost always a waiting period while a new Multiplier shifts into his or her role. If you have special time considerations, just let us know.