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Affiliate Program

Build yourself an income stream and make Money by becoming a MultiplyMii Affiliate.

Talent (Multipliers) Referrals

Earn Up To Php 20,000 When Referring a Hired Candidate
Referring a candidate is super easy and requires just 5 steps!
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How does the Talent Affiliate Program work?
  • 01
    Check our careers page for our current openings.
  • 02
    Click the job opening/s you want to share then hit the “Share” button.
  • 03
    Key in the necessary information then proceed by clicking the “Generate Link” button to get your personal link.
    Copy, paste, and share your link through email and your social media accounts to start generating referrals.
    Ensure your referrals use your Unique Link to qualify for the payout.
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Become Our Affiliate

What are Hot Jobs?

Think of them as our recruitment "flavor of the month"-- but instead of yummy goodness, they're the tough and in-demand roles we're looking to fill.

How is it different from our standard referral program?
Same referral process, but only for specific roles.

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Program Details
Job Type
Affiliate Fee
Payout Details
Php 5,000
  • 100% Payout will be released once milestone is completed
45 days from the start date of the referred Multiplier
Php 10,000
Hot Jobs
Php 20,000