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Best Resources and Tools to Grow Your eCommerce Business

Best Resources and Tools to Grow Your eCommerce Business

The emergence of eCommerce influenced traditional business owners to go online. With eCommerce, small to medium enterprises (SMEs) managed to go beyond the limitations primarily imposed by physical stores. It also paved the way for entrepreneurs to do business across geographical borders.

Online technology advancements have enabled online entrepreneurs to set up online stores at a fraction of the cost of a brick-and-mortar store. Simply put, eCommerce has allowed entrepreneurs to participate in international trade with minimal investment.

eCommerce Sites to Start Your Business

The global eCommerce industry is still in its growth phase, and you can still participate in its growth. It is estimated that by 2026, the eCommerce market could increase up to $5.4 trillion.


When venturing into eCommerce for the first time, launching your eCommerce business on popular platforms is a wise decision since popular sites like the ones listed below already have a following online.


The Amazon marketplace is an ideal starting point for online sellers who wish to expand their reach to the international market. Third-party merchants can take advantage of Amazon's 19 marketplaces worldwide.


Online sellers looking to participate in the second-hand market can utilize eBay as its launching platform. You can take advantage of eBay's 182 million global users and its 109 million monthly site visits.


Online entrepreneurs can also use Shopify as an alternative to Amazon for their eCommerce business. If you want a cheaper option to launch your business, you can take advantage of Shopify's Basic Plan, which starts at $29 per month.


Etsy is a must-check eCommerce site if you are into handmade or vintage items. The website has over 80 million active customers and is currently the top destination of shoppers for unique handmade products.

Useful eCommerce Resources and Tools


Many business owners enter the eCommerce industry with dreams of company growth and financial freedom through passive income, only to realize that the industry is anything but passive.


eCommerce is a taxing industry that will likely demand more time from you so that you can deal with product sourcing, customer service, listing optimization, fulfillment, and other business-related tasks. Starting an eCommerce business can be challenging, but available resources can help you overcome challenges you may encounter.


Here are some free, free-to-use, and reasonably priced eCommerce tools and resources that can help you significantly improve your online business.


Product Sourcing Resources and Tools

Product sourcing is a crucial aspect of an eCommerce retail business. You can utilize the tools and resources mentioned below to help you improve your product research and sourcing activities.

      Product Research Tools

Product research tools such as FindNiche, NicheScraper, Jungle Scout, and Keepa can help you perform product research faster, more efficiently, and with better accuracy. These seller tools can help you identify trending items and products that will soon be a trend.


Using a product research tool for your eCommerce business lets you build customer-centric product listings based on intuitive information concerning the needs and wants of customers. 

      Product Research Staff

To facilitate product research, a vital resource to have are research personnel. If you are a high-volume seller, you can surely benefit from hiring pre-vetted and experienced product researchers working remotely.


Hiring an individual or group to perform product research on your behalf can help you attend to other important aspects of your eCommerce campaign. 


Social Media Resources and Tools

An effective social media marketing campaign is critical for the success of your business. These social media tools and resources highlighted below can assist you in growing your followers online and improving store engagements.

      Online Graphic Design Platforms

You can drastically improve your social media posts with the help of online graphic design resources. Examples of these resources are Canva, Design Wizard, and Adobe Spark. The various templates and designs available on these platforms can bring the best of your Facebook, Instagram, and other social media posts.

      Social Media Post Scheduler

To automate your social media posts, you can also utilize social media post schedulers such as Hubspot, Buffer, and Feedly. Each tool has unique features designed to enhance your social media reach and influence. 


Pricing Resources and Tool

Price is one factor that shoppers evaluate before making a purchase. Keeping your listing price competitive is crucial for attracting shoppers and increasing sales conversion. You should check the tools and resources outlined below to improve your pricing strategy.

      Profit Calculator

Online entrepreneurs wanting to check the profitability of a product before adding them to their inventory must consider utilizing a profit calculator. An excellent example of this is the FBA Revenue Calculator by Amazon. A profit calculator will consider numerous fees, including fulfillment, shipping, storage, product cost, and more.

      Repricing Software

You can use a repricer for your eCommerce business to create a competitive advantage over other sellers. Repricing software can help you adjust your listing prices depending on market conditions and other relevant factors such as competitors' behavior and price change notifications. 


If your business is exclusive with Amazon, you simply need an AI repricing software capable of automated repricing. It can give you a competitive edge over other Amazon sellers.


However, if your product is listed on multiple platforms, it is advantageous to use multichannel repricers.


Outsourcing Resources and Tools

Delegating tasks and responsibilities is part of your function as a business owner. If you wish to free yourself from mundane and repetitive tasks, you can use these eCommerce resources and tools.

      Recruitment Solutions

Effective task delegation is essential for an eCommerce business. To ensure that you get a reliable and expert worker for your business, you can turn to recruitment solutions for help.


If you wish to create a remote team to help you scale your business, you can contact MultiplyMii. MultiplyMii is an end-to-end executive recruitment and HR solution that connects you with experts that can help you launch or expand your eCommerce business.

      Productivity Monitoring Tool

To boost the performance of your remote team, you can use productivity monitoring tools. These tools can provide you with real-time data including the efficiency of your staff. Some of the popular productivity monitoring tools for eCommerce include but are not limited to Hubstaff, Timely, and ProofHub.


Develop and Advance Your eCommerce Business Today


Whether you are a small business owner or an aspiring online entrepreneur, eCommerce offers numerous opportunities for the growth and expansion of your business. Using eCommerce tools and resources like the ones mentioned above can significantly benefit your business.


These tools and resources can facilitate efficiency in various areas of your eCommerce enterprise, be it in advertising, marketing, and other crucial elements of your business. If you wish to accelerate your eCommerce business and thrive in the increasing industry competition, you should start integrating online seller tools and resources into your business.




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