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The Impact of Outsourcing to the Philippines: Your Business's Roadmap to Growth

The Impact of Outsourcing to the Philippines: Your Business's Roadmap to Growth

Pooling in talent from an unfamiliar country might sound scary.

"How do I know I'm hiring the right people?"

"How do I know I can trust them to work towards my goals?"

"Am I saving on costs if I get poor-quality work?"

We get it. We've been there. Pooling in talent from a country you're unfamiliar with might sound scary. But this isn't the first time businesses have outsourced employees. So if you're navigating this alone, let us help you.

It's no secret that Filipinos are highly educated, English-proficient, and culturally adaptable. This article walks you through the benefits of hiring Filipinos. Discover success stories from companies that have tapped the remote Filipino workforce!

First, let's ease your worries about outsourcing to the Philippines.

Benefits of Outsourcing to the Philippines

Labor Cost Savings

Filipino workers are affordable when compared to their Western counterparts. One reason for this is the country's lower cost of living.

Businesses can offer competitive wages to their employees while also experiencing a significant improvement in their productivity.

This cost advantage allows firms to allocate their resources more efficiently. It also helps them to remain competitive in the global market.

Access to a Vast Talent Pool

The Philippines has remote workers who can handle complex tasks and projects. Filipinos are in IT, engineering, healthcare, eCommerce, digital marketing, and customer service.

Excellent English Proficiency

Did you know the Philippines ranks as the 22nd highest English-proficient country globally?

The archipelago has 170 languages and dialects, so Filipinos focus on two main languages to communicate. These are Tagalog and English.

Since English is taught in schools nationwide, Filipinos learn to converse easier using the language at an early age. Their language skill allows for seamless collaboration between businesses and their outsourced professionals.

Redirect Your Focus on Core Competencies

Outsourcing allows you to focus on your core competencies.

You can concentrate on your primary operations and goals by delegating non-core tasks to remote workers.

Also, it enables businesses to streamline operations and improve efficiency. Which, in the long run, leads to increased profitability.

Unlocking the Benefits of Hiring Filipino Talent

The advantages of hiring Filipino talent are numerous.

Filipinos are adaptable and flexible. They can adjust to different work environments and cultures. Thanks to their strong sense of foreign cultures.

Additionally, Filipinos have a healthy work ethic and a dedication to quality. They have a culture of hard work and perseverance.

Filipino professionals are also skilled in various fields. Philippine universities offer a robust education system and world-class degrees.

Finally, Filipino talent offers unparalleled cultural compatibility to businesses in the Asia-Pacific region.

Also, the country's location in Southeast Asia makes it a strategic hub for companies looking to expand their operations.

As the Philippines continues to grow and develop, the buzz around hiring Filipino talent continues to rise.

Success Stories: Companies with Demonstrated Business Growth Through Outsourcing

Unveil the inspiring stories of organizations that unlocked the transformative potential of outsourcing in the Philippines.

Learn how they streamlined operations by tapping into Filipino talent. Discover real-life examples that offer valuable insights and inspiration. And how they achieved business goals through offshore staffing.

ANZ Banking Group

ANZ Bank is one of the largest banks in Australia and New Zealand. They partnered with Filipino outsourcing providers to handle various back-office operations. Their services include data entry, document processing, and customer service.

By outsourcing, they could focus on their core functions while improving efficiency and reducing costs.

Model Citizn

Model Citizn builds robust and efficient financial models. Their clientele includes corporate, government, and semi-government institutions.

They collaborated with offshore staffing company MultiplyMii to hire a remote Executive Assistant. The remote hire helped bridge the gap between C-level executives and their employees.

This collaboration bore positive results. They lowered the turnover rate by up to 14.9%. Multiply also helped them create an open, systemized, and empathetic culture.


The company has established a shared services center in the country. This handles several back-office operations, including finance, accounting, and human resources.

By leveraging Filipino talent, they streamline processes and improve efficiency.

These success stories prove the many benefits of outsourcing to the Philippines.

Tap into a pool of skilled Filipinos by outsourcing. These dedicated professionals are ready to help you execute your vision.

Outsourcing to the Philippines is an intelligent and strategic move. This remains true whether you're a start-up or a large multinational corporation.


The outsourcing industry in the Philippines is thriving. Indeed, it's an ideal outsourcing destination for support and specialized functions.

So, why not take inspiration from the successes of some global companies and outsource A+ Filipino talent today?

MultiplyMii offers comprehensive HR solutions from sourcing, hiring, and retaining outsourced professionals from the Philippines.

Feedback loops, benefits management, and employer-employee training opportunities are also integrated into our process to maintain our client's high-productivity rate.

Contact us if you want to offload tedious HR functions from your plate or build a remote team from scratch!

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