The Best Software Development Outsourcing Companies In 2023

The Best Software Development Outsourcing Companies In 2023

Are you on the hunt for the best software development company to outsource to?

Smart choice. Software development staffing is tricky. Pay is high, finding the right talent is tough, and inflation is pushing up salaries. Outsourcing can help you save money while giving you access to more talent. 
As a remote staffing company with 100+ clients, we understand. That’s why we’re about to tell you about the best software outsourcing companies in 2023. 

It doesn’t matter whether you need web, mobile, desktop, or cloud application development. This page will help - make sure to read through. 

What is a Software Development Outsourcing Company?

Before outsourcing software development services, understand what a software development outsourcing company is. In simple terms, it is a service provider of software development services to other businesses. They have a dedicated team of skilled and experienced developers who work on projects outsourced to them by clients.

4 most common software development services to outsource

Software development outsourcing companies offer a range of services. The most common are:

a 4 popular software development service

Web and mobile application development

US adults spend more than 4 hours per day using mobile internet, 88% of that time within apps. So, it’s no surprise that web and mobile app development is one of the most common services outsourced for software development.

Software development outsourcing companies create unique applications according to their client’s needs. They employ developers skilled in programming languages and frameworks, and make sure the applications are robust, scalable, and secure.

Custom software development

Most software product development projects build enterprise applications (84.7%), followed by business automation, then e-commerce.

Outsourcing software development companies create custom software solutions. Whether it's an inventory management tool or an e-commerce platform, they develop top software that streamlines your operations and enhances your productivity.

Product testing and quality assurance

Product testing and quality assurance are crucial stages in software development. Outsourcing companies usually have dedicated teams that specialize in these areas. Before launching the software, they conduct testing to identify and fix any bugs or issues. This makes sure the final product meets the standards and provides a seamless user experience.

Support and maintenance

Support and maintenance are another common software outsourcing service companies offer. Once software is deployed, they provide ongoing support to address any technical issues. They also keep the software up-to-date and compatible with the latest technologies and platforms. Note that maintaining software costs roughly 15%-20% of its original development cost per year.

6 Reasons To Outsource Software Development Services

Now that you know the services commonly outsourced for software development, are you ready to take your business to the next level? Many can agree that outsourcing software development processes has benefits that are hard to ignore.

1. Save time on hiring talents

Let's face it. Finding the right talent can be like searching for a needle in a haystack. It takes time and effort to scout, interview, and onboard skilled developers. According to Get Hired by LinkedIn News, the average hiring process can last up to six weeks. And for prominent or executive roles, it can take as long as several months.

Outsourcing allows you to skip this lengthy hiring process. It allows you to tap into a pool of experienced professionals ready to dive into your project headfirst. 

Moreover, outsourcing software development services eliminates the need to invest in expensive infrastructure, equipment, and software licenses. All in all, you get to save valuable time and focus on achieving your business goals.

2. Access resources and expertise you previously couldn't

When you outsource your software development, you gain access to a wealth of knowledge and resources that may have been beyond your reach. Your outsourcing partner is like a treasure trove of technical expertise, cutting-edge tools, and innovative solutions. With their help, you can tackle complex projects and stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends without breaking a sweat. 

3. Save money in the long run

Contrary to common belief, outsourcing doesn't necessarily mean spending more money. In fact, it can be a cost-effective solution in the long run. You avoid the usual expenses of full-time local employees, such as salaries, benefits, and office space. 

Plus, outsourcing partners often operate in regions with lower labor costs, making it more budget-friendly for you. The result? You get top-notch development without draining your finances.

4. Scale development if needed

One of the most significant advantages of outsourcing is its scalability. Whether your project suddenly takes off or needs additional workforce, your outsourcing partner can easily adapt to your requirements. They have the flexibility to scale up or down, ensuring that your software development aligns perfectly with your business's growth trajectory.

Adapt to changing market conditions and seize new opportunities without worries!

5. Address your staff's weak points

Every team has its strengths and weaknesses. Outsourcing can help you fill the gaps in your in-house team's skill set. 

If your staff is struggling with a particular technology or facing a challenging project, outsourcing can provide the missing puzzle piece. You can create a harmonious blend of in-house and outsourced talent, optimizing your team for maximum efficiency.

6.  Lessen risks

Technology investments always come with a certain level of risk. But, by outsourcing software development, you can lessen these risks. 

When you outsource, you transfer the responsibility of delivering the project to your outsourcing partner. This means they are accountable if the project fails to meet expectations or faces any issues. You can reduce the financial risks associated with software development and make sure you get your desired results.

10 Best Software Outsourcing Companies in the World

When it comes to software development, excellence knows no borders. Explore the 10 best software development outsourcing companies making waves in the industry. Meet the tech titans who can turn your software dreams into reality.

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Arcanys: Shaping the future of tech

Arcanys is based in Switzerland. They have an impressive track record of turning innovative ideas into reality. In fact, they've helped startups and enterprises alike achieve their tech goals. 

They have experience creating cutting-edge mobile apps, developing complex software solutions for healthcare and finance, and consistently delivering high-quality products.

Saigon Technology: Crafting code with precision

Saigon Technology is a company located in Vietnam. It has earned a reputation for precision and reliability. They have successfully delivered projects across various industries like e-commerce, healthcare, and education. Their teams have built scalable web and mobile apps, making them a top choice for businesses looking for efficient, cost-effective solutions.

ScienceSoft: Where technology meets imagination

ScienceSoft has an impressive portfolio of successful projects. They've helped Fortune 500 companies optimize operations, develop secure healthcare software, and implement AI and IoT solutions. They are known to turn clients' imaginative ideas into practical solutions.

Techuz: Pioneering excellence

India-based company Techuz excels in delivering top-notch web and mobile applications. They've worked with startups and enterprises on projects ranging from e-commerce platforms to sophisticated SaaS applications. The company is known for its adaptability and quick turnaround time.

Flatworld Solutions: A world of expertise

Flatworld Solutions has a vast client base across various industries. They've achieved success by offering services like software development, data analytics, and customer support. They've consistently demonstrated their expertise in enhancing business processes.

NetWeb Technologies - Navigating the digital frontiers

Navigating the digital frontiersWith a seasoned team proficient in technologies like ReactJS, Laravel, Flutter, and more, NetWeb Technologies specialize in delivering tailored solutions to meet your specific needs. Whether you want to hire ReactJs developers to enhance your front-end, skilled Laravel developers to optimize your backend, or proficient Flutter developers for cross-platform applications, they have got you covered.

SumatoSoft: Crafting digital masterpieces

SumatoSoft has a portfolio of visually stunning and functional software products. They've designed and developed successful e-commerce platforms and custom software for clients worldwide. Their emphasis on design sets them apart in the industry.

Glorium Technologies: Your tech partner

Glorium Technologies has been a trusted tech partner for businesses of all sizes. They've contributed to the success of e-learning platforms, healthcare applications, and CRM systems. Their dedication to collaborative development has led to long-lasting client relationships.

e-Zest: Transforming visions into realities

e-Zest is known for its comprehensive software development services. They've helped their clients transform their digital visions into reality. Their successes include developing innovative IoT solutions and crafting robust cloud-based applications.

Baires Dev: Tech Solutions with a Latin flair

Baires Dev has delivered impressive results for clients worldwide. They've created scalable mobile apps, web applications, and AI-driven solutions. Their unique blend of Latin culture and technical prowess brings a fresh perspective to software development.

Itransition - Your global tech ally

Itransition has offices worldwide, a global footprint, and a diverse client base. They've completed extensive finance, healthcare, and logistics projects. They can provide end-to-end software development services and adapt to client's evolving needs, which has led to their ongoing success.

These companies have a proven track record of delivering high-quality software development services and have earned a reputation for their technical expertise, innovation, and customer satisfaction. You can confidently consider these companies for your software development outsourcing needs.

Building brilliance remotely: Remote staffing as an alternative to outsourcing

Another intriguing option worth exploring is remote staffing. While outsourcing remains a popular choice, hiring a development team through a remote staffing company like MultiplyMii can also let you reap the same benefits, if not more.

why consider remote staffing

1. Tailored expertise for your needs

Remote staffing firms help businesses build remote teams that fit their requirements. 

For instance, you need top-notch software developers, project managers, or quality assurance experts. Remote staffing companies, like MultiplyMii, can assemble a team tailored to your specific project. This means you get the expertise required when you need it.

2. Direct control and collaboration

When you build your remote team, you maintain direct control over your people and your project. With traditional outsourcing, you have limited oversight. 

Remote staffing allows you to collaborate closely with your team. This promotes a sense of unity and ownership over your software development initiatives.

3. Seamless integration with your company culture

Outsourcing to external companies often means working with teams with different working cultures and values. But with remote staffing, you can build a remote team that integrates with your company culture. This alignment can lead to improved communication, greater synergy, and a shared commitment to your project's success.

4. Cost control and transparency

Traditional outsourcing often involves complex pricing structures and hidden costs. Remote staffing simplifies costs with transparent pricing models. 

With this, you'll have a clear understanding of your budget. This will make it easier to manage your costs and allocate your resources effectively.

Common Challenges and How To Overcome Them

Even with a brilliant concept, a stellar team of developers, and a laser-focused vision, you can still encounter a few bumps when outsourcing software development services. Here’s the best way to approach them:

Communication and collaboration

Effective communication and collaboration are vital for the success of any software development project. 

To overcome this challenge, establish clear and frequent communication channels, leverage collaboration tools, and ensure that project requirements and expectations are well documented.

Cultural differences

When working with offshore software development teams, cultural differences can sometimes pose challenges. 

Invest in cultural sensitivity training, promote cultural exchange and understanding, and foster an inclusive work environment to bridge this gap.

Quality control

Ensuring the quality of outsourced software development can be challenging. 

Establish a robust quality assurance process, closely monitor development progress, conduct regular reviews and testing, and define clear quality metrics.

Intellectual property protection

Protecting intellectual property is crucial when outsourcing software development. 

Implement strict non-disclosure agreements, thoroughly vet potential outsourcing partners for their data security measures, and establish legal frameworks to protect your intellectual property.

Project risk management

Every software development project carries inherent risks. 

Manage these risks effectively by conducting thorough risk assessments, developing risk mitigation strategies, regularly monitoring project progress and performance, and establishing contingency plans.

While it has many benefits, software development outsourcing has challenges. Remember these in mind and apply these strategies to overcome them. 

Choose Your Software Development Outsourcing Partner Wisely

Want the secret to supercharge your software development outsourcing journey?

Build your remote development team with the help of experts like MultiplyMii!

We’ve helped hundreds of clients assemble exceptional teams that align perfectly with their visions.

Gain direct control, tailored expertise, and seamless integration, all while keeping your project's heartbeat in sync. 

With the right team by your side, your software dreams can truly know no bounds. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an outsourcing software development company?

When you outsource from a software development company, you have access to their teams of skilled developers, designers, and project managers who work remotely to deliver custom software solutions tailored to your needs.

Why would a company outsource their needs to a software development agency?

Businesses often outsource from software development companies to gain specialized expertise, reduce costs compared to in-house development teams, speed up project timelines, achieve flexibility in scaling resources, and focus internal resources on core business activities. However, remote staffing is a good alternative if you need a long-term solution. This will allow you to hire your own software developer without adding too much to your operational costs.

How many companies outsource software development?

A study by Kearney found that a whopping 90% of Fortune 500 companies are locking in multi-year contracts with Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to handle their IT support and day-to-day tech needs.

Where can I outsource software development?

You can outsource software development to various locations globally, including India, Ukraine, Vietnam, and the Philippines. Many outsourcing destinations offer competitive rates, skilled talent pools, and a favorable business environment for software development projects. For instance, the Philippines is an emerging hub for software development. Its living costs are lower than those in the US, making it a cost-effective strategy to outsource Filipino software developers.