Our Culture

We’re hungry. We’re perpetual students. We’re littered around the globe. Why waste time fitting into the status quo? None of us fit “normal,” and it’s worked for us. We’re passionate about changing the game for remote teams, because we’re prototypic proof of the “next normal” of work.
What makes us “Paradigm Smashers?”
Remote work has adjusted course to meet more business models. Freelancing websites, “gig” work and first-gen BPOs…who has time for that kind of recruiting? Even traditional headhunting misses the mark with its unceremonious hand-off of new hires.
  • We don’t just recruit—we onboard, train, and focus on long-term success
  • We only recruit the top 1% talent that brings big impact
  • We close the gaps in company processes for future-proof scaling
  • We amp up the livelihood of Multipliers and companies in tandem
What makes us “Perpetual Students?”
Our resource center gives us away. We love learning and teaching what we learn. Multipliers see it when we train them, and companies benefit as we keep a pulse on the best productivity, project management and business practices. We offer:
  • Dedicated resource center
  • Proven expertise in 4DX
  • Superstar-level knowledge of EOS
  • Ongoing performance and business consultation
What makes us “Hungry?”
MultiplyMii is an Escala Consulting Group company. That gives us the advantage of knowing how business operations leverage remote talent to fill operational gaps and multiply growth.
  • We’ve built over 150 high-producing teams
  • We don’t just serve—we advise and then implement
  • We don’t just serve—we advise and then implement
  • We bake scalable practices right into high-producing teams
What does the client do?

Trivium Group is an Amazon Advertising agency. They assess amazon product listings, create ad campaigns, and monitor campaign performance for Amazon sellers.

What was the client’s most pressing issue?

The client had trouble finding highly skilled remote professionals from usual freelance job marketplaces, not to mention the costs they’ve accumulated from sourcing daily on their own.

Who was hired, and what was their role?

Trivium Group hired Shiela* as an Operations Manager. She now works for the client full-time.

*Name of the candidate is altered for privacy purposes.

How did the hired employee contribute to the client’s business?

Shiela* is proactive in helping the company scale. She has masterfully set KPIs for the team, created SOPs, and developed strategies for long-term growth. Her contributions allowed the client to grow to a team of five to 50 people..

How do our services help the client?

Partnering with MultiplyMii has given the client access to high-quality remote talent. Shiela has more than a decade of experience working remotely in Digital Marketing Agencies, making her an excellent addition to the team. Her expertise lies in content strategy, SEO, and multichannel digital campaigns.

• MultiplyMii Added Benefits

The client can rely on us for insights regarding the best tools for remote businesses, job descriptions, organizational charts tailored for various industries, and so on.  These tools are now integrated into the client’s processes for a more organized day-to-day work routine:


An instant messaging app that allows users to create dedicated channels, share files, and collaborate easily. Its Huddle feature lets two or more team members connect through an audio call with the screen-sharing option.


A project management expert – but an app! This app helps the client create, track, and manage projects more efficiently.


Everyone on the team is literally one call away! The client can conduct audio or video conferences, record meetings, and host live-stream events.

• Upskilling Opportunities for Employees

We offer upskilling programs for our client’s team. We invite industry thought-leaders to train them so that the learning curve never flattens. This initiative increases employee retention rate, helping our clients keep highly-coveted employees.

What does the company look like now?

Trivium Group has grown 700% from their first year – a result of efforts from US-based and offshore employees hired through MultiplyMii. As Mina Elias said, "a lot of this growth is attributed to her (referring to their first hire)."


Mina Elias


PPC Agency

Company Main Office:

Los Angeles, CA

Started the MultiplyMii Journey:

September 05, 2022